Get Up @ 4am, We’re on the TV !!!

Blast on BBC Two is a showcase of films made by young people with feedback from creative industry pros (Professor Stephen Heppell, Hal MacLean, Matthew Eaves). You can also re-live the excitement at Blast workshops and performances across music, dance, art, film and writing.


Thursday   4 November 0400 – 0600am

Thursday 11 November 0400 – 0600am

Thursday 18 November 0400 – 0600am

Saturday    4 December 0400 – 0600am

Sunday      5 December 0400 – 0600am

Make sure to set your alarm clock or your video to record! SummerSchool animations from Ultralab (1990-2006), including the process involved in training the young people, is featured on TV!

We’re on TV!!!!

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