Input CBBC : Richard Millwood & Matthew Eaves hit Blue Peter

Wow, it was nearly 2 years ago Richard Millwood and myself had our tour of BBC Television Centre prior to the launch of ‘Input CBBC’ in Sheffield and Hull.

CBBC stands for Childrens BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

The BBC are the worlds largest public broadcaster and are based in White City in London.

In early 2002 the BBC and ULTRALAB entered a joint venture to explore the future of Childrens Television.

Basically, we set out to find out what television created by children could be like.

We worked in Sheffield and Hull on a fascinating project over 6 months with children making film for broadcast on BBC tv, without the help of adults.

Here is the Input CBBC website.

You can read more about how Input CBBC came about at our SummerSchool website.

So, here are the pictures from 16 September 2002 when Richard and myself toured TV centre, including the Blue Peter studio and garden! = CBBC Photo’s. I remember being amazed at just how small the studio’s and the garden actually was.

Input CBBC was a huge success. We are still big friends with the BBC and BBC Blast! recently began filming some of our SummerSchool children at Ultralab (1990-2006) for broadcast in November 2004.

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