Mind the Gap, off to London : Thursday 1st December 2005

I’ve been so busy the past month, that I’ve not had the chance to update this blog, so I’m sorry, you’ll have to ‘Mind the Gap’ as I reflect back on what I’ve done.

I’ve got so much holiday still to use up, that I’m in the lab, working on this stuff, catching back up on everything.

The whole ‘knock on’ impact came after my trip to Thailand to work with young people on digital creativity projects in October.

The ‘Mind the Gap’ picture was taken by Justina in London, we visited The National History Museum and The London Dungeon where I was picked on by most of the staff there as the guinea pig each time we moved from room to room.

I’ve got to moan about One Railway who are simply rubbish, in my opinion. Jus and I travelled to London at a cost of £35, the first train was dirty and had no seats, it was packed, the train on the journey back was dirty, full and boiling hot. The only reason we went by train was because of the ‘two for one’ entrance tickets on the London Dungeon.

Next time we’ll drive to Stratford, park the car and get straight on the tube.

The Natural History Museum was free to enter, and is amazing, I never thought that I’d find it that interesting, but it really was, really well laid out, loads to see and do, and not too busy. The tree stump is huge!

We ate in Garfunkles in Leicester Square, good, but not enough chips.

A great day out.

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