Orlando, Florida

I write this blog post at 2:33am GMT, although it is 9:33pm here in

24 hours ago Justina and I were watching the 2004 Christmas specials
of 'The Office' to try and stay awake before leaving for the airport
at 4am.

We arrived at Gatwick Airport Carpark at around 5am and were checked
in at 6am. At 7am we spent '18 on breakfast in Wetherspoon's, shocking

Our flight was slightly delayed and we took off around 10am.

Just over 9 hours later we arrived at Sandford airport, Orlando.
Thomas Cook had been our airline for this trip, and were pretty good.

Once through immigration Justina and I were challenged by a huge
queue for 'Dollar Car Rental'. Over an hour later
and some big time moaning by me we managed to secure a Dodge Charger
rather than a budget car, at no extra cost. What made me mosy cross
about 'Dollar' (other than the lack of staff to deal with a queue of
over 50 customers) included their need for our already paid insurance
to be upgraded in order to allow us to crash the car and be covered.
Dollar have hidden costs, beware.

We drove to Walmart, and bought clothing and toiletries, as we had
packed very very little stuff.

Then we headed to our villa, which is great, four bedrooms and a
pool…. It is too big for us, but really nice.

This evening we ate Taco Bell, and are now off to bed, I only managed
20 minutes sleep on the plane and am now shattered.

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