Running from Witham to Hatfield Peveral, and back on the train….

Last week I went running with Tracey, Chris (her fiance) don’t like running. We ran for 50 minutes around Witham, amazing considering our target for the first run was only 20 minutes.

This week we set off with a target of running to Hatfield Peveral, coming back on the train. We did it in 45 minutes, Tracey ran all the way, I had to stop with one hell of a stitch and walk a bit of it, but still go there!

We bought some drinks in the corner shop, caught the train, and headed back from Witham station walking.

The start and finish line were John Bramston School in Witham, I left there 10 years ago last month age 16. I’m 26 next week, where is time going?

I’m going to join a new gym, and get back in shape!

Wanna see the route we did today?

Start post, John Bramston School, Spinks Lane, Witham.

Down Blunts Hall Road.

I’m starting to get a stick now.

This is a long road, we’ve been running for 10 minutes.

And now we’re heading in around a big loop in the wrong direction.

Stitch is killing now, we do a left next onto Witham Road.

Witham Road. I’ll walk for a bit, Tracey runs on 🙂

This bit is downhill.

Terling road goes downhill too.

And then it goes uphill again. But we’re at the station, Tracey is already there.

So we walk to the shop.

And then walk back again drinking water, gotta catch the train.

Back down Station Road.

And back to the station, we went on the wrong platform, then legged it over the bridge to the other one….oops.

Catch the train.

And there was a man in the toilet on the carriage, who left the door open, thanks.

I like the train, I’m a commuter every day now, its so easy to get to work, and only £15.90 for a weeks ticket.

Why did I drive to Chelmsford for 8 years when the train is much easier?

I’m a converted commuter.

The only thing I don’t like is not being able to listen to the Radio on the way.

I’ll have to sort that out, no Chris Moyles in the morning is a bad thing.

Right, off at Witham Station, and start walking back to Spinks Lane

Tracey ran solid for 30 minutes on route to Hatfield Peveral, a new record for her. Well done dude!

I’m gonna get back into Swimming next. Love swimming.

Nearly at the end, 1 hour and 30 minutes later.

Then walk home, with blood on my shirt, ripped myself on a thorn somewhere on route! Nevermind 🙂

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