SEEVEAZ & ULTRALAB SummerSchool Partnership

Today we were visited by Andrew, one of our project partners, representing SEEVEAZ. ‘SEEVEAZ’ stands for South East of England Virtual Education Action Zone. We’ve worked with SEEVEAZ since early 2000 and together pioneered the initial SEEVEAZ/Ultralab (1990-2006) SummerSchool together. Check out the SummerSchool website for more information on how the project has evolved.
SEEVEAZ has a 5 year life span, and are in their 5th year. The objective is project based, assisting with school support and improvements.

Andrew brought more movies from the Action Zone schools who took part in this years project ready for this years DVD production, and a celebration of creativity with children from all over the world at the Victoria and Albert museum in London on 10 December 2004. Some of the movies will also hopefully feature on TV.

This year the challenge set to the children was even harder. The children were challenged to make stop frame animations with a title called 😕 (IF THEN). Basically the groups of children (we like to call them ‘Action Researchers’) are challenged to make an animation with two endings, one outcome and an alternative ending. The animations produced are excellent. The children were followed on their intial training day at Ultralab (1990-2006) by our friends at BBC Blast! and will feature in some of the broadcasting schedule given over to children in November on BBC Two in November.

So…. we really have to thank Andrew and his team at SEEVEAZ for another excellent joint collaboration project.

This is the final year for the SEEVEAZ Action Zone in its current formation, as it grows and changes to become even bigger and better…

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