Sega Megadrive

Stepping back in memory lane at the weekend I managed to find a Sega Megadrive at a car boot sale for just £10 with four games.  It also came with a third party controller, so I was keen to find some original ones.

I bought two controllers from another seller at the boot sale, and despite taking them apart, cleaning them and trying very hard, cannot make the controllers work.  One controllers C button does not work very well, while the others joypad does not work at all.  I’ve tried to make one good controller out of two bad ones, but no luck.  So the third party controller remains ‘gamefully’ employed…

I never owned a Megadrive as a kid, Jus did, and she regrets selling it.

After much cleaning and fiddling with the actual system itself, I managed to get it working (with the help of my brother).  Jus has already completed ‘Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion’, and I’m addicted to Lemmings…


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