Skype and SubEthaEdit: a great (collaborative writing online) combination of voice and written software tools for meetings

Today I was part of a Skype IP telephone conference with Ultralab (1990-2006)‘s Malcolm Moss, Graham Hart and Hal MacLean on future marketing tools for Ultraversity, our radical new online degree for people fully occupied by full time employment.

Skype allows us to make a telephone call through the Internet for free.

While talking together we also all connected to a document in SubEthaEdit.

The result was 4 people talking together through Skype (running in the background) over the Internet while editing a document together (in the foreground). I’ve blurred what we were writing together in the following picture, but you can see the different colours demonstrate the different editors of the document:

We see every key-press live as it is typed by any of the users.

I think this is a great combination for two excellent applications. A brainy person at Skype or SubEthaEdit would arrange a meeting with their equivalent at Skype or SubEthaEdit to organise the integration of these products.

Skype is cross platform and SubEthaEdit works on the Mac only, another great reason to put that PC in a skip and go buy a Mac mini.

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