Storming ahead in Broadcasting? You BETT! Ultralab and Apple show the way at BETT 2002

board.gif16 of the researchers from Summer School 2001 went on to be the only children at the BETT show in London, a teaching and trade fair held at Olympia in January with 22,000 visitors over a four day period. The researchers worked on the ‘BETT Goes to the Movies’ feature, demonstrating to the visitors at the show the potential that can be achieved with digital technology.
The Researchers made films which were broadcast on screens all around the show. Check out the show report here.
Watch this movie made by the young people at the show while they were working with us.
23.jpgFour students from Colbayns High School, Clacton, Essex pioneered the way in internet broadcasting at the BETT show (British Education and Training Technology) at Olympia, London (Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th January). Donna Taylor, Donna Cassidy, Lisa McCormack and Becky Hazell broadcast live video footage produced daily by visiting schools and art groups. The BETT event, which has been running since 1984 was attended by 22,000 visitors from all over the world and is attended by key dignitaries within the education field for this country. The eight hour daily broadcast entertained visitors at the first-floor stand and also in the food court downstairs with work created hourly by children filiming and editing at the show and live cameras showing the visiting school and community groups at work.
The software used for the broadcasting, ‘LiveChannel’, is newly developed in Israel by ChannelStorm ( is tipped to revolutionise and democratise the way students broadcast moving video image. Ultralab (, the leading learning technology research centre, based at APU in Chelmsford, responsible for organising the broadcasting event for the show is extremely proud of the achievements of the Colbayns pupils as was Phil Langshaw, Head of Creative Arts & Media at Colbayns school. After a short training session at Ultralab, no more than one hour, the four pupils were technically competent broadcasters and having started, they can confront all the issues facing professional broadcasters – a challenge they savoured. This software has much potential, including the opportunity for schools to quickly and easily set up their own broadcasting TV stations using the Internet to reach a worldwide audience. Richard Millwood, reader and Apple Distinguished Educator at Ultralab said “The main purpose will be to act as focus for tv and radio broadcasting on the net which requires a different, quick thinking, decision making, on-the-fly mentality compared to the more considered composition with iMovie. Also it will provide a series of deadlines for broadcasting events which we intend will stimulate creativity for iMovie compositions, not to say the ability to cut between two live cameras, an audio input and a titling overlay to add life to the whole shebang!”.
LiveChannel-small.gifRichard Millwood and Phil Langshaw intend to develop the use of LiveChannel in a joint project between Ultralab and Colbayns High School to be carried out in the summer term and subsequently throughout the academic year 2002-2003 and are currently looking for sponsors to enhance their proposals.
Click to view a Quicktime slide show movie made by David Baugh.
bettshow.gif– BETT Goes to the Movies was the feature stand at BETT 2002
– It was a partnership between BFI (British Film Institute) Education, Film Education, Apple and Ultralab
– It was sponsored and supported by Apple, Canon, Emap (BETT organisers) and Oracle
– the event was active from Wednesday 7th to Saturday the 10th of January
– On each day, visiting students engaged in a range of film making activities:
– Wednesday – YCTV (Youth Culture Television)
– Thursday – Film and Video Workshop
– Friday – SEEVEAZ (South East England Virtual Education Action Zone) with Ultralab
– Saturday – WAC (Weekend Arts College)
Throughout the show, four sixth form students from Colbayns High School in Clacton operated an internet broadcasting station
They broadcast using ChannelStorm’s LiveChannel software facilitated by Ultralab
Richard Millwood, Matthew Eaves, Hamish Scott-Brown from Ultralab supported the stand and fellow Apple Distinguished Educator David Baugh also supported the activities.
Staff from BFI Education and Film Education developed movie editing material based on the film Monsters Inc and on archive footage of the suffragett movement.
The stand also offered a showcase for BFI Education and Film Education materials and products.
View the Photographs taken at the event here.
Sean O’Sullivan:
“ cool is that Live Broadcast software? Those pupils from the
school with Ultralab were doing some great stuff, and the
software strikes me as a fantastic idea waiting to be applied. These guys
were already doing great things with it, but I can’t help thinking that
being able to broadcast work like this will have some amazing ways of being
used that frustratingly I just can’t think what they are yet!”
Jack Kenny:
“Best thing in the show.”
SEEVEAZ Summer School researchers:
“I really enjoyed it on Friday I thought it went really well and I hope you
liked the show-report by me Luke, Stevie and Vicky.”
“Well done to you all the team at ULTRALAB who helped put the stand and
everything together!!!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!!!!!”
Some images from the event:


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