SubEthaEdit brings together the Ultranaut team at Ultralab (1990-2006) for a team meeting

I’ve spoken before about how great SubEthaEdit is.

Today we used SubEthaEdit for our Ultralab (1990-2006) team meeting.

Last time I was in a team meeting, I joined remotely from Phuket in Thailand, watching the live video feed broadcasted by Ultralab (1990-2006). Ultralab (1990-2006) benefits from a nationally distributed team and new and emerging technologies are always being incorporated in order to bring together the team no matter where in the world they are.

SubEthaEdit remains a key tool at Ultralab (1990-2006) to allow many people to contribute to a working document at once.

The above image shows how a large portion of the Ultranaut team contributed to the discussion.

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