Tracking Projects – what we’re up to at Cleveratom (2006-2011)

board1.jpgBeing a new business we not yet had time in our days (and nights) to find or make a software solution that works for us in tracking our projects – so our ‘blue board’ was born.

Basically we keep a track of our workload by ‘moving around’ bits of paper between the various sections of the board…. not ‘cutting edge technology’, I know… but absolutely brilliant for keeping on top of everything we’re up to at any one time.

As a new project or proposal is generated or arrives it joins the board in the form of a ‘post-it note’, getting promoted to ‘printed text on a piece of white paper’ if it is lucky enough (when we get some time)…. right now the ‘post-it notes’ contain the last three weeks of additions.

Sticking in a ‘blue pin’ means we’re ‘on the case’ …. sticking in a ‘red pin’ means ‘action required’….

I’m really proud of our board as a temporary solution and recommend it to any new business as a great way of keeping on top of what you are up to …. till you have the time to turn it electronic….


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