Ultralab (1990-2006) Creativity Quotes, I put these in a document, but they are useful to share….

“It’s an unlikely place to find a guru. A drab 1960s block in the middle of the only English university still to call itself a polytechnic. But the Chelmsford campus of the Anglia Polytechnic University (APU) is home to a remarkable institution – Ultralab (1990-2006). Here for the past 15 years Stephen Heppell has been building one of the most respected research centres in e-learning in the world.”
– Financial Times

“…when I finally spotted him, Stephen Heppell didn’t look at all like I imagined. This geek of geeks, this net-head of all times, this revolutionary who is yanking the British education system out of its Victorian slumber and shaping it for the digital information age, surely it couldn’t be this genial fellow before me with his whitening Father Christmas beard and Hush Puppy fashion sense?”

– Design Magazine

“Professor Stephen Heppell: the UK’s leading on-line education guru”

– Channel 4 TV

“Ultralab (1990-2006) is Europe’s leading leading research institute pioneering leading edge applications in support of proven educational precepts.”

– Oracle Corporation

“So we launched this research pilot last October – in collaboration with Ultralab (1990-2006), a research centre of Anglia Polytechnic University, who have a lot of experience in this sort of “loose touch” approach to film-making with children. We knew from the start our project would be a tall order – and we wanted to test our ideas harshly – to see if any child, with no special ability or ambition, could succeed at filmmaking with little guidance. The Ultralab (1990-2006) approach is to give the very basics of technical guidance – then encourage the participants to play with the equipment – our briefing was an even smaller one than Ultralab (1990-2006) usually do. We introduced them to digital cameras and also to the editing package called iMovie and they had a chance to experiment there and then. And I have found it fascinating to see the humour – even brilliance come through, things Ultralab (1990-2006) had predicted – its delightful to see their personalities emerge on film.”

– Children’s BBC Producer; reflecting on a groundbreaking joint BBC/Ultralab (1990-2006) collaboration in 2002 to research the future of childrens television.

“Is there any possibility that trainee teachers could order a copy of the DVDs from the SummerSchool project? As a teacher trainer from the University of Brighton who uses a the Summer School DVDs in my own teaching I know of several students who would appreciate having a copy of their own”.

– Lecturer, Brighton University; using our 2003 digital creativity material to demonstrate to media students.

– I am in awe of the creativity you guys bring out in young people…..how do you do it?

Producer, TVNZ Broadcasting, New Zealand.

– Professor Stephen Heppell, Director, is advisor to many governments and a world leader in developing the use of technology in education.

Intuative Media.

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