A remarkable young lady, 99 years of Ivy

Over the weekend I headed down to Oxfordshire to see a remarkable young lady, Ivy, age 99, 100 in a couple of months time.

Not only is Ivy one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, she’s one of the most active people I’ve seen.

Ivy was born in London in 1905, living there all her life, moving to Oxfordshire to be near her son, 14 years ago, after her husband Rube died.

Ivy has been a friend of my family for many years, meeting my late Nan, Ada Pearce at ‘keep fit’. We’ve stayed in touch.

Recently, Ivy went to the doctors out of concern that all her friends and neighbours take medication, and they are younger than her, and she does not take any, and should she be taking some…to which the Doctor replied “No, you are fine”.

Ivy is talking here about going to Spain next year on holiday. A great young lady.

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