Every Journey Tells a Story : Chelmsford to Birmingham in a London Taxi

Last Monday Ultralab (1990-2006)‘s Tom Stacey, Violet Ultracab and myself headed to Birmingham to deliver Violet to the Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery for their use on the Every Object Tells a Story project which is run by Ultralab (1990-2006), the V&A, Culture Online and Channel 4.

Violet managed her top speed of 58mph, which increased as she went down a hill.

Violet is an automatic, made in 1989, she is on her second engine and has a very comfortable driving seat.

It was great to drive a London cab, its an experience everyone should try, they have an amazing turning circle, and buses and other taxi’s let you out at junctions, which was strange, but I found I was doing the same back….. Now, if we all let each other out at junctions, and were not in a hurry as much, wouldn’t the roads of this country be a nicer place to be?

I think so.

Here is a picture taken shortly after we arrived, it shows Anita and her trainee’s from the museum exploring ports on the side of iBook computers:

If you would like to see the journey film recorded by myself and Tom, come and see me….it is very funny… 🙂

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