BBC Blast! What made it to TV?

Ultralab (1990-2006) do loads of digital creativity projects internationally, we’re the people behind the BBC‘s radical research project Input CBBC working with Children’s BBC to explore the future of childrens television.

Input CBBC finished some time ago, and we worked with BBC Blast! this year, as experts in animation.

In all, 8 films/animations made broadcast on BBC2’s BBC Blast! 5 were from Ultralab (1990-2006)’s SEEVEAZ SummerSchool. Another film from the SummerSchool hosted by Ultralab (1990-2006)’s sister, Ultralab (1990-2006) South and two animations was shown from Ultralab (1990-2006)’s International Certificate in Digital Creativity project in Hull. In Hull the Andrew Marvell School have been the pioneers in this groundbreaking research project, ICDC.

So, well done everyone! BBC Blast! are very very pleased with you all :-)…… and so are we! 🙂

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