Ayr, Essex, Kent, Derry, Norfolk, Cardiff, Film, Video, Animation, be there, or run scared.

Wow, what can I say…..Ultralab (1990-2006)’s 2004 SummerSchool project blew out of nowhere to explode into one of the biggest clebrations of creatvity ever seen.
What is really special is that young people from all over the UK are making their way tomorrow to the V&A to share their SummerSchool project work, infront of an audience, the press, the BBC and various other key visitors.

Schools from Essex and Kent, Rural Communities from Norfolk, the young children from Ultralab (1990-2006)’s Ysgol Haf 2004, University potential students from APU, young people with 100% online educations….they are all coming….

Its key to point out here that we Ultralab (1990-2006) and the V&A only organise the event and venue, and build the DVD…..what makes it all this so special is that the work created by the young people is the reason why so many people travel from so far and so wide, on an annual trip to come and celebrate with them….it really is special.

This year Richard Millwood will be presenting the 3:30 – 5:30 presentation, with Professor Stephen Heppell taking over and presenting from 5:30 – 7:30.

Young people from Australia and New Zealand are also going to beam in via iChat, Apple’s very cool video conferences of the web software.

The texting wall will be live, and the audience will be encouraged to text the big screen, and comment, debate and say their bit about the films on display.

We’re really chuffed at the amount of interest in the 2004 V&A event, and would like to thank everyone involved for everything they do! We’d like to say a special thanks to the funding parties who made it happen, and those that gave their venue at no cost…..

Thanks Ayr College!

Thanks Rural Norfolk Federation!

Thanks SEEVEAZ (South East of England Virtual Education Action Zone!

Thanks The Nerve Centre!

Thanks BBC Blast!

Thanks V&A!

Thanks Anglia Polytechnic University!

Thanks Ministry of Education, Singapore!

Thanks Ultralab (1990-2006) South!

Thanks Bethany School, Victoria, Australia!

Thanks Fahan School, Tasmania, Australia!

Thanks Apple!

Thanks notschool.net!

Thanks Rhys Harris!

Thanks Boinx Software!

Thanks Chapters Art Centre!

Thanks Andrew Marvell School!

Thanks Odeon Cinema Hull!

Thaks Ultranauts!

And thanks to everyone I missed – see you tomorrow at the V&A. The DVD is stunning!

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