Primary Film Online, the meeting of minds.

I went off to London today, to represent Ultralab (1990-2006) as we joined together with all the other key people in media and film from the UK. BFI, Film Education, Nesta Futurelab, First Light, City Learning Centres, BBC Education, BBC Blast, ChildsEye.TV, Childwise, Creative Partnerships and many many more.

We were all invited to join the working group, and a full house turned up, it really was impressive, well done Sue! 🙂

What was so exciting about it all, was the amount of strength between us all, all in one room, sharing ideas and being creative together. We all have similar stories, with different outlooks, and we’re all pretty unique in our own ways, it really was a great day.

We’re all working on the ‘Primary Film Online’ project, addressing Primary Schools and the potential of film. An exciting project, funded by Culture Online.

Looking forward to the next coming together of these key meeting of minds. Together we really are the business.

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