Cleveratom (2006-2011) Text Wall at Eastern Regional Support Centre Conference

Ben from the Eastern RSC (Regional Support Centre) emailed today to say that the pictures and podcasts taken at the recent conference are now online for people to flick through and reflect.  Here is the link.

Cleveratom (2006-2011) were involved in the conference (I wrote about it here).  One of our challenges was operating the audience participation SMS Text Wall, allowing the audience to interact with the conference by asking questions, making suggestions and adding thoughts and ideas to during the live presentations.

Here is the wall being used by Sal Cooke, a really good presenter, to engage with her audience:

The audience used their own mobile phones to write messages which landed instantly on the wall.  By prefixing the messages with codes the message can be displayed in various colours. Red was a question, Blue was a suggestion, Green was a comment and anything else gets displayed in Grey.

One of our excellent developers, Hais, has been building the tool over the past few months and this was its second outing at a conference.  Hais is currently working on the ability to allow voting to take place by SMS as part of the package.

As new messages arrive, older messages shuffle down the screen neatly.  What I love about the tool Hais has been building is that it looks great, is very smooth and was very well received by the audience.  It was great to go into a conference room where the audience were told to turn their mobiles onto silent rather than turn them off.

Phone me 0845 868 9020 or email matt (_at_) cleveratom . co . uk if you want to know more.

The podcast’s have been edited by Hal and are also available on the above link.  All in all a great event.

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