How to take a screen grab on the Apple iPhone

Hal MacLean showed me today how to take a screen grab using the iPhone, and here is a screen grab of the front page of my phone:

To take your own screen grab all you have to do is hold down the iPhone ‘home’ button and then quickly press once the ‘power’ button on the top of the phone, and let go of both buttons quickly.  The iPhone will flash white, and take the screen grab.

The image is automatically stored in your camera photo library.  Very cool.

While I’m here, I’ll give you a quick tour around my iPhone.

The ‘AIM’ client works great, although as an Adium user on the Mac I miss not being able to see or communicate with contacts on services such as MSN and Skype all in the same buddy list:

And here is what a chat looks like using AIM for iPhone:

I find the touch keyboard so easy to use, and have learned how to type on it very fast.

Apparently Hais says there is another app now that deals with multiple IM clients, Hais?

The ‘Facebook’ application is great on the iPhone, although I can’t see my ‘groups’.  I find myself navigating a lot from the Facebook application to using the built in Safari browser to see groups, so Facebook really need to build in that feature. For status updates and a quick way of sharing photos and chatting to friends instantly, the Facebook application is excellent.  I love the way that status messages don’t have to be just text anymore:

‘Google Reader’ is not yet an application, but is supported for iPhone using the built in Safari browser. I love Google Reader for keeping up to speed with peoples blogs:

As a frequent traveller into London I love ‘Tube Status’ which gives me live information on the state of the Tube:

Tube Status has saved my bacon a number of times as I navigate round the troubled lines on route to meetings.

And for fun, ‘Tap Tap Revenge’ is a great little game where you have to tap along to the music at the right time, well worth a download:

‘Solitaire’ is also great, although the adverts are a bit annoying:

iPhone is the best gadget I’ve ever owned.

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