DASHER – smart alternative to typing usability = excellent :-) PC LINUX MAC OS X

dasher.gifAt BETT this year our new acting director of Ultralab (1990-2006), Richard Millwood, was demonstrated a piece of software called Dasher.

Wow! How cool is Dasher! This little application which has been developed for most operating systems and is a very very cool way to type….well, not to type….infact, you don’t need to type.

Basically you select the letter you want to start a word with, and then move the mouse to the next letter, it starts to guess what you are writing….you really need to download it and have a play with it… 11/10.

Read more about it here or go and select your download.

Richard was saying that there is development for the paralysed, enabling breathing to control the movement of the mouse pointer, controlled breathing would allow the controller to write in a new and revolutionary way. I’m very impressed.

Best bit about it, is that it is an open source project. What do you think of it?

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