Tsunami Earthquake UK SMS Text Txt Donation Number! – Donate!


Someone just posted the number! Thanks!

To donate to the tsunami disaster text “donate” to 83321
this number has been made by all network services and is tax free so all
£1.50 goes to help.

So please help!

It is sad that the first post of the year has to be a sad one…..and we can’t even begin to understand what Tsunami survivors from the affected countries are going through……..but it is clear that we need to donate all we can. Reading the news stories is really sad. (BBC News : Weblogs Aid Disaster Recovery)

Watching on Sky News (Sky Channel 501) it was good to see that UK mobile operators have come together to provide ‘One Number’ which you can text, and donate £1.50 to the appeal. Text loads! Trouble is that the number flashed up briefly on the screen, and I’ve forgotten it. None of the UK mobile operators have any mention of the number, or even Tsunami on their websites.

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