Day 2 : The Great River Road, Wisconsin

Had trouble sleeping last night, my body clock was confused, and I’d forgotten to kill the alarm on my mobile phone, which wakes me each morning to goto work. So, at crazy o’clock in the morning, the phone burst into song.

I logged onto the Internet, and started to do my email, hoping that the screen light would tire me, and send me back to sleep. I logged into iChat and spoke with people in England, and the States. Eventually fell asleep, waking up three hours later, picking up the computer again and iChatting again, this time for much longer.

Ultralab (1990-2006) was alive with people, who I could see on the webcamera…Maureen spotted the camera move, and did some dancing!

We finally left Gary and Cindy’s house at around 11am US time, thanks so much guys for having us stay with you, you have a great house and family.

Day 2’s photographs

The plan for Wednesday was to head down ‘The Great River Road’ along the bank of the Mississippi and go as far as we could, and we did. What an amazing place! We stopped for some food at McDonalds, as our body clocks are still messed up, we stopped 100 miles later for an icecream and to use the phone, and then another 100 miles later we had a Subway.

American drivers are much nicer than British drivers, everything seems to be more laid back when driving, although the road speeds are much slower than the UK, you still feel that you are making good progress as you drive. I drove all day, clocking up 400 miles. Driving in the US is easy, and once you get used to driving on the wrong side of the road, its simple.

We got lost a few times, some of the road signs are not easy to understand and we headed out in the wrong direction. Eventually we headed down a road, no idea which road, to where, or which way, but we were very tired at 9pm (3am UK time) and had no idea which direction we were going, or where we actually were……and fog was descending, We’d hoped to find a motel on the banks of the river, but had actually lost sight of the Mississippi, and had been looking for a place to stay for about an hour, being one of the few cars on the road, we were keen to stop and sleep.

Eventually we came across a Motel called ‘Motel David’ and for $60 David checked us into a really nice room for the night. I’m writing this from my bed in Motel David, we’ll go and see David in a minute and find out where we actually are, before heading for Minnesota, to the Mall of America. Andrew is watching American television, reading about the hurricane down south, tragic news.

Hopefully at some time today we will be able to rob some broadband from a wireless network, and upload this text, and Day 2’s photographs.

Update: Currently robbing broadband in the Apple Store, Mall of America, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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