Day 3 : Mall of America, Minneapolis in Minnesota

It is nearly 6am UK time, we’ve just got back from spending some time in the motel hot tub, anyone who knows me knows that I love hot tubs and could live in one….so here goes with what happened today….

Day 3 photographs

We woke up after a really good nights sleep in Motel David. First thing we did, after eating all the remaining junk food from the previous day was go and find the manager of the Motel and find out where we actually were, we did not have a clue after driving in the fog down a long and winding road for ages last night….we found out we were actually in Elmwood Wisconsin, we were about 15 minutes off course, which was not so bad. We got directions, and headed away in the direction of the Mall of America, Minneapolis in Minnesota.

Motel David was really cool, it was clean, big room, nice comfortable beds and very quiet.

On route to the mall we stopped in the city of St Paul and had a Subway for breakfast.

Arriving at the Mall of America was easy, and once again the American roads were a pleasure to drive on (even if they have the sides of the road the wrong way round, I’ll phone W about that). I love driving here, and drove today again, its so easy to drive here….no annoying British drivers trying to cut me up all the time, or speed past having a race. No Chav mobiles on the road either. Nice.

In the Mall we spent time looking around, eating smoothies, buying way too much stuff!

So, if I hate shopping so much, why am I in the worlds largest mall? Tourist thing, gotta say we’ve been there! Plus we got a really good deal on some Vans trainers, two for the price of one, sorted.

In the Apple Store (which is identical to the one in Bluewater, Kent) I spent time on Skype talking to home, before spending an hour or so using up my Powerbook battery type-talking on iChat.

I love the Apple store, but I spent far too much money in there. Tim you got a Mighty Mouse as requested.

We packed up the car with our purchases and headed back into the middle of the mall to have a go on the log flume ride, we ended up paying £19 dollars on tickets and £10 on photographs.

Andrew managed to film some of the log flume ride on his mobile phone.

Once we had eaten way too much Chinese food, we headed out of the city in search for a place to stay for the night. We came across a motel called Super Motel 8, with a hot tub, a pool and free wireless internet. Sorted. I even managed to knock the supervisor down by $10 dollars, and breakfast is thrown in too…. Nice.

Tomorrow we’re looking forward to heading to Neenah, to meet up with the families we last stayed with in 1997. Should be good 🙂

Bed time.

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    November 1, 2006 at 11:49 am

    Cheryl Bush
    Submitted by visitor on Sat, 09/03/2005 – 23:32.
    Love the chickens! I had a silly person who brought me one of those. I named him Nigel!

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