Day 5 : The Wedding of Kara Schroeder and Brian White, Neenah, Wisconsin, USA

It is 2am in the morning, 8am UK time and we just got in from the most amazing wedding I have ever been to in my life.

Kara married Brian today (or do I mean yesterday).

Day 5 Wedding Pictures.

Totally and utterly amazing, from the wedding ceremony right through to the meal, the evening dance and everything.

We started in the morning, on the hunt for a suit for Kevin, starting off with a doughnut, thanks Jim.

Arrived at the church at about 3pm and witnessed the American way of doing a wedding, much different to the UK way, excellent in every sense. The ushers escort the women into the church, then the grandmothers, then the mothers…then in comes the bridal party who stand with the couple as they say their commitments to each other.

Kevin was an usher, he lit candles, and held onto a lot of ladies arms 🙂

A very touching movie was played prior to the ceremony showing the lives of Kara and Brian in photographs, it was excellent.

The first line the vicar said as Kara arrived at Brian’s side, was “I’d be amazed if you did not say wow”.

Kara looked very amazing, everyone looked amazing.

On completion of the ceremony we headed out to the reception, ate, chatted and danced the night away.

The American’s also dance to ‘Cotten Eye Joe’ and ‘YMCA’, it really was good. I requested Hey Baby by DJ Otzi, that went down well. Krista was at the wedding, she stayed with Kara at our house in 1998.

The dance floor was popular, Kevin, Denise, Shirley and Chad spent a lot of time breaking new moves. I could not believe my brother on the dance floor!

Thanks to everyone for today, it was great, the pictures tell the story far better than I ever could….I’ve never danced so much in my life, and its great to be 6000 miles from home, yet be surrounded by friends.

Good luck in life Brian and Kara, you’re a great couple! Come on over to England soon.

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    Kara Schroeder
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    I came accross this site looking for my wedding…My name is Kara Schroeder too…weird.

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