Day 7 : Squirrel Lake Speed Boating

Woke up after a great nights sleep, to Jim tapping a drum, cheers mate! 🙂 Had a great breakfast on the porch, cooked by Grandma Bohlin before heading down to the basement to pack.

We then went out on Grandpa’s boat, a 1974 classic, Kendra and Brian apparently water-ski with just their feet during the summer, the speed boat ride was amazing! Grandpa drove real fast. Thanks Grandpa! We saw an Eagle flying, an Eagles nest with an Eagle in it, and lots of Loons.

Day 7 Photographs

Grandma gave us some maple syrup, thanks Grandma!

It was really sad leaving Grandma & Grandpa’s house, we felt really at home there, thanks very much for having us!

We headed into the town of Minocqua with Shirley & Jim, went to a fudge shop and bought some fudge, then headed into a Popcorn shop, and bought some popcorn.

It was sad to say goodbye to Shirley & Jim who have been amazing (as always) keeping us busy with lots of things to do, mixing with their family etc etc, we followed them along the road to Stephen’s Point on our 400 mile journey back to Gary & Cindy’s house, we waved goodbye and continued on. We stopped for a Cousin’s Sub (not as nice as Subway) and finally a Burger King. It is Cindy’s birthday today, so we brought her some flowers. It took us six hours to do the 400 mile journey.

I’m writing this last entry on the same floor I wrote the first one, almost a week ago, the week has flown by.

We packed on the driveway, we’re up early in the morning, and heading to Chicago to fly home to Gatwick, then collect my car, and head for Witham.

View the Day 7 Photographs here.

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