Day 8 : Chicago, Atlanta, London Gatwick, Witham

Day 8 Photographs

We packed up the car, with our stuff, hit the road on the early hours of Tuesday morning, returned the rental car, waited three hours for the plane, had a McDonalds, flew to Atlanta, had a Pizza Hut, waited for a plane, flew to Gatwick, got the car from the airport carpark, paid £72 !!! (Rip off NCP!!) and drove home.

Both planes were full of people, and screaming kids. The parents of those children screaming should be ashamed of how they dealt with their kids, one woman let go of her kid who ran around the plane as it was taking off into the air. Shameful.

At Chicago airport the bus driver taking us to the terminal made us all crouch down as she drove us through a gate for empty buses, it was a very funny moment.

On route out of Gatwick Airport Ultralab (1990-2006)‘s Jonathan Furness (Google’s number 2 response for a search on Jonathan’s Blog) telephoned to say that there was a telephone conference call at 10:00am at Ultralab (1990-2006), so I made my way there to join in, before heading home and going to bed, getting up a few hours later, going out, coming home, crashing, my body clock is all over the place.

Thanks to everyone who put up Andrew and myself, we had a great time, thanks the the families, the bus drivers, the friendly staff at McDonald’s and the amazingly cool reception we got everywhere we went.

At Atlanta Airport I tried to blag us some better seats, the seats we booked from the UK were rubbish, so I tried to blag us some window seats….time to turn on the Essex charm…

{Matt} Excuse me ma’darlin, you’re looking great today,

{Delta Rep} Hey, how can I help you….

{Matt} Hows about some seats along the side of the plane, the seats I booked with Flight Centre Chelmsford are rubbish.

{Delta Rep} Ermmmmm

{Matt} I’ll be your friend for life

{Delta Rep} And if I came to London?

{Matt} You’d be staying at my house

{Delta Rep} All done for you.

It was great to spend time with my brother, I’ve not done that for a long while, something I’ll be doing a hell-of-a-lot-more-often.

Cheers bro.

Day 8 Photographs, the final set.

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