Recording iChat Audio Conversations in GarageBand – WOW


How cool is this?

Working with both iChat AV and GarageBand 3 part of Apple’s iLife product suite I can record audio conversations straight into iChat and it splits the participants into their own GarageBand tracks.

This means contributions can be credited after the call without guessing who’s voice it is, just imagine the possibilities here for distance learning and online assessment of distance learners….

Mark and myself have started the experiment here, does anyone want to join us?

This means people from different locations (countries apart!) could sing together, or the entire contribution by someone in an iChat conference call could be listened to by muting other tracks.


Simply start iChat and GarageBand (don’t matter which you start first) then start a audio call, tell the participants you are going to record the conversation and hit ‘Record’ in GarageBand leaving Apple to do the hard work.

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Matthew Eaves

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  1. kt
    Submitted by visitor on Wed, 04/05/2006 – 13:29.
    Does anyone know if Windows users (AIM or Jabber?) can be included in the iChat audio conference? thx.

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